Commercial and structural profiles

Commercial and structural profiles

Commercial profiles

Hot rolled steel products, with a huge variety of uses in all kinds of structures and constructions.

Check our range of Flats, Angular, Square, Round, Simple T and U Profiles. All in various commercial lengths and with a cut-to-size service.

Structura profiles

Structural profiles or hot-rolled steel beams, specially designed for the manufacture of structures.

We have a wide range of IPE, IPEA, HEB, HEA, UPN and UPE. In several commercial lengths and with a cut-to-length service.

Perfiles estructurales y comerciales

Structural tubes

Structural tubes provide reliability and strength and have some advantages over classic structural profiles or beams. Because they have a closed shape and are lighter in weight, they perform better when faced with torsional and buckling stresses. They are easy to assemble and can be joined by simple welding. They can be given a wide range of protective treatments, such as galvanising, shot blasting and painting. 

Tubos estructurales de acero al carbono


We can get the structural profile that you do not find in the local market.


We have an efficient groupage service that is loaded on Thursdays in Germany and arrives in Spain on Tuesdays.

Small quantities

We can provide you with a quantity from 2 tons, without the need to order a full truck.