reciclaje de acero

Future of Steel Industry

Steel is the most recycled material in the world thanks to the use of ferrous scrap as raw material.

Today, the steel industry is globally committed to reducing CO2 emissions and using ferrous scrap in production is one of the main ways. That’s why recycling steel industry’s waste and by-products should become the centrepiece of a common strategy to encourage a better understanding of recycling opportunities and achieve increasing sustainability.

Power of Recycling

Our Group works closely with its suppliers by enhancing the value of waste materials from Integrated and EAF steelmaking processes, as well as downstream processes such as rolling, cutting and finishing. These recycled products, as a matter of fact, can be used as secondary raw material in either steel production or in other minor applications that are increasingly attractive in today’s economy.

Sostenibilidad sector acero

Thus, at Deltasteel Ibérica we are proud to be the main partner of many steel mills by recycling their by-products and giving new life to these unique materials. We pay particular attention to processing and logistic costs, provide products that meet our customers’ specific needs as well as optimize furnace charge.

Our activity is environmentally friendly as it helps to reduce the amount of waste material that needs to be disposed of. Plus, the reuse and revaluation of waste materials lowers the cost of sourcing raw materials and saves energy in the production process.

Recycling is an efficient choice